How a Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis Led One Makeup Artist to Create Her Own Line

Terri Bryant is a makeup artist — and she wasn’t going to let a diagnosis of Parkinson’s change that. When she noticed it was becoming more difficult to apply mascara without smudging and draw eyeliner in a fluid line, she set out to create her own line of products, Guide Beauty, that is designed with ergonomic ease in mind. The fledgling brand prioritizes functionality and quality and aims to make makeup application easier for everyone. Ahead, we chatted with Bryant about everything from how she decided which products to include to how she stays motivated each day.

Can you give some background on your career before Guide Beauty?

My background is a blend of artistry and education. I started working at a makeup counter in college.  When I graduated, I moved to New York City to pursue my career in the makeup industry. Throughout my 25+ years in the business, I’ve had the opportunity to share my love of makeup with many people around the world. My work has been behind the scenes as a celebrity makeup artist, in front of the camera as a presenter on QVC, QVC UK and HSN, as an education executive, teaching makeup artistry for brands like Dior and Stila, and leading education departments for companies such as Smashbox and Josie Maran. 

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"I always thought I was bad at makeup, so I just gave up and stuck to what I knew. Now I know it wasn’t me! "

Michayla, NYC