Makeup Artist Terri Bryant Launches Adaptive Beauty Products After Parkinson's Diagnosis

Applying eyeliner can be a challenge when you have a disability or health condition that impacts your mobility, fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination. One makeup artist, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, used her experience to create accessible products so achieving the perfect brow or eyeliner look is a breeze.

Terri Bryant worked as a professional makeup artist and educator for years, which included a dedication to making the art form more accessible to beginners. She eventually noticed symptoms of what turned out to be Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition that primarily impacts your motor skills.

Bryant noticed how her Parkinson’s symptoms, like a tremor, exposed the challenges many people face when applying makeup.

“As a makeup artist I understand the mechanics of application and what it takes to achieve great results,” Bryant told The Mighty. “My experience with Parkinson’s has allowed me to actually feel where traditional tools and products can fall short in achieving those results.”

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"I always thought I was bad at makeup, so I just gave up and stuck to what I knew. Now I know it wasn’t me! "

Michayla, NYC