Terri Bryant, Founder of Guide Beauty - Glambition® Radio Episode 220 with Ali Brown

After a surprise medical diagnosis changed this luxury makeup artist’s career forever, she decided to create an adjacent business that would help others in the same position. And hence Terri Bryant created Guide Beauty— a new line of makeup tools for those with physical challenges.

For decades prior, connecting makeup concepts and their flawless application was Terri’s greatest joy and livelihood. A lifelong beauty enthusiast, she quickly rose through the ranks at iconic cosmetics brands including Dior, Chanel, Stila, Smashbox and others from NYC to LA.

But when over time she noticed she was losing ability in her hands and arms, she finally found the right doctor who diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease.

Leveraging her decades of expertise, Terri combined her love of makeup artistry and education with the ‘unexpectedly beautiful gift’ of a challenging disease to launch Guide Beauty. This clean cosmetics formula + tool line is founded on universal design principles that allow for easier and better makeup application for those with physical challenges… AND those of us who like a bit more ‘fool proof-ness’ in our application.

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"I always thought I was bad at makeup, so I just gave up and stuck to what I knew. Now I know it wasn’t me! "

Michayla, NYC