Artistry Made Easy

GUIDE BEAUTY has reimagined makeup and how we apply it. Universally designed tools that GUIDE your hand to better and easier application, along with luxurious, clean formulas.

Makeup applied with confidence. Beauty that feels great.

Our Story

Artistry Made Easy

At GUIDE BEAUTY we work closely with makeup users, our award-winning design team and ergonomic experts to rethink makeup and develop a new, universally designed approach to applying it. We obsess over everything, from how the tools fit in your hand to how the formulas glide over your skin. The result:  a new breed of beauty products that puts an end to uneven eyeliner, mascara slip-ups, and blotchy brows.

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Our Formulas

Mindfully Formulated

Feeling good about the products we use matters. That’s why GUIDE BEAUTY is 100% cruelty-free, vegan and created with clean, good-for-you and safe ingredients so we can be beautiful, healthy, and ethical all at the same time.

tips & tricks

Achieve a new level of skill and confidence with beauty products that literally GUIDE your hand to better and easier application.

Our tutorial library shows you how.

Artistry Made Easy