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about us

At GUIDE BEAUTY we know the most flattering makeup techniques are not always the easiest to apply.

GUIDE BEAUTY was created by makeup artist and beauty educator Terri Bryant, who has worked with top models and celebrities and developed industry-leading artistry and education programs for some of the biggest brands in cosmetics. Those years as an artist and educator revealed to Terri just how challenging applying makeup could be for many of her clients and friends. She always wanted them to go home confident in their ability to replicate the looks she had created, but found that just teaching the steps with standard tools and formulas was not always enough.

A few years ago, having devoted her career to helping others learn to apply makeup with the same ease and confidence she had as a professional, Terri started seeing changes in her own ability. Techniques that had been second nature for her whole career were suddenly much more challenging. Ultimately, Terri was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Without the precision she always had as a professional makeup artist, Terri was experiencing first-hand the frustrations echoed by many of her clients, and could now truly relate to the struggles so many of us share. She made it her mission to find a better way. GUIDE BEAUTY is a new approach to makeup and how we apply it.

We started by listening to makeup users who shared their most common challenges. We knew there had to be an easier and better way to apply makeup. So we took what we heard to our award-winning design team and ergonomic experts to create proprietary and innovative tools that literally GUIDE your hand. We then worked with our chemists to introduce unique formulations that are as forgiving as they are luxurious and, of course, cruelty-free, vegan, and thoughtfully formulated without toxins and harsh ingredients. And then we made it all look beautiful!

We obsessed over everything, from how the tools fit in your hand to how the formulas glide over your skin. The result: a new breed of beauty products that puts an end to uneven eyeliner, mascara slip-ups, and blotchy brows. GUIDE BEAUTY offers a truly fresh approach to makeup that puts artistry into your hands.